Our job is to obtain top primary products



Neo Grain imports and distributes non GMO (Genetically modified organism) certified raw material to elaborate nutrient-rich and flavorful products.
We select the best-tasting products of each producing country, warranting the most effective treatment on commodities until food processing.
Our job is to obtain top primary products, reaching companies dedicated to manufacture nutritious, healthful, organic, sustainable foods. Therefore, we cross the borders to get the healthiest supplies.


Among other things, these are the reasons that make excellence our merchandise:

1. GM- free as well as it removes any synthetic product out from our diet
2. Toxins and chemicals-free.
3. Greater nutrients and healthier fats content.
4. Greater aroma and flavor.
5. Promotes fair and high-standard trade.
6. Avoids damaging environment.
7. Promotes biodiversity.
8. Balance, sustainability and health.
Our values


Back to Earth natural products, sowing, cultivating and harvesting, to sustainable agriculture.
We look into tomorrow with consciousness, by making the ecology our lifestyle, and being more environmentally friendly
We start by changing our own world concept in order to create the change we want to see.
We cultivate the worth of natural, therefore we specialize in gathering all products that ensure premium quality and fulfilling our community demands.
Together with our customers we share the responsibility of always taking foods that ensure efficient, equal and sustainable usage of natural resources

Neo Grain looks into yesterday, working day by day for reconciling our needs with opportunities nature provides us, both planning for a future and proposing to revalue and to transform our relating manner to Earth.
We are what we do day by day, that is why excellence is not an act, but a habit.

Our mission

Our vision is to be non GMO Premium quality food providers.
Our mission is acquiring the greatest products coming from sustainable ecosystems, originally intended to be organic; providing not only the obtained quality of their treatment and processing, but essentially, food security and respect to nature cycles.